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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 29, 2015 4:15am-4:30am PST

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with stories from christmases ruined. a u.s. congressman showing off his arm sling. >> you have to wear a helmet and padding on your elbows, knees and wear wrist guards. >> reporter: it takes great balance and a lot of padding for that thrill ride. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> wear your helmets. coming up, some of our other favorite gadgets of 2015. >> the giz wiz is here with some surprises. you're watching -- i love this one. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. believe we're still worth the fight you'll see there's hope for this world tonight
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tt4w`t2n`qd"" lzt& /)h what an unforgettable 2015, and it was a remarkable year for innovations. our giz wiz dick debartolo is here this morning looking back at some of the favorite gadgets we had for this past year. good morning, dick. >> good morning. reena said when you do favorites you have to do the nest. >> that was one of her favorites. >> her favorite. actually about ten people today said the nest was so great. >> this is the nest. it's a little guy. it's for ear phones, a small microphones. you put the ear buds in any one of these openings. then the cable comes out. then you just wrap the cable around here.
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demo it but you'll get the idea. then the little audio jack goes and then you seal the sides. and now, you can throw it anywhere in your backpack or your pocket. >> okay. >> and nothing is tangled. >> once you pull it out of there -- that and there you go. >> wow. >> okay? it's like ten bucks. the nest. there you go. >> untangled, ladies and gentlemen, it's magic. >> it's magic. > we're dropping these on purpose. actually, this is the third time i dropped this. they are super bright l.e.d. lights. they're aircraft aluminum. they're waterproof down to three feet. not water resistant, waterproof. >> pretty great. >> and they're flat so that they don't roll. very hi-tech flashlight. $40 and $50. >> this light up the night. >> yeah, and that's, let's see, that's high.
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>> that's low. >> okay. >> and then this is the 210 lumen and the 600 lumen. they make a thousand lumen flashlight also. >> it's pretty sturdy. >> very sturdy. >> this we showed recently but i'm showing it again because it's a great idea. i met a paramedic at the auto show. he said dick, people do have seat belt cutters in their glove compartment, under their seat. he said i've been to more accidents where the person cannot reach it. so the super visor goes on your visor right over the driver. >> the super visor. it's a super sharp stainless knife. there's a stainless punch in there to knock out the side window because safety glass is tough to break. >> invented by a paramedic. >> he knows what you need. it's ten bucks. >> could be a life saver. >> this is great.
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sort of looks like in the package, infinikey is under five bucks. getting keys on and off is so easy. there's a little push tab. when you want to get a key on, instead of the split ring you open with your fingernail, you break your fingernail, put the key on, pull it down, pull the key to the bottom and now it won't fall off. >> that's certainly good for older adults, as well. >> all stainless, five bucks. >> that was popular this year this we did back to school. it's the dorm, apartment, hotel kit. you get a window alarm, a door alarm, a door wedge alarm, a personal alarm. and the personal alarm is 110 decibels. it has a built-in l.e.d. flash light. i saw it on amazon for 16 bucks. >> for the paranoid person in your life. really quickly. >> triple stainless steel. keeps drinks cold 24 hours.
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>> wine included. you pay for the wine. okay? and afinally the buster maze. you throw doggie snacks in there. the dog has to push them around to get them out. when my dog sees that, he jumps up and down because it's a game and snacks last a minute instead of five seconds. >> isn't it frustrating for the dog? >> he finds different ways. he throws the snack in the air or pushes it through. we tried it. noel could not get the snacks out. >> noel knows how to go to town on anything. dick, thanks. we appreciate it. you're going to find more details about these products on dick's website, and you're watching "world news now." >> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now.
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give you all i got in every way i will you're the only reason why all i want to live a lie mark my words >> just yesterday we were reporting on how justin bieber appeared to have cleaned up his image. >> yes, he has. although he hasn't cleaned up his voice in that particular one. it happened in conjunction with the release of his new album "purpose" as part of his new humble, charitable and apologetic new persona. >> it appears he may need to do some apologizing to the people of san francisco. kgo's carolyn tyler explains. >> reporter: this is the guerilla marketing campaign that hit sidewalks promoting justin bieber's album "purpose" which dropped november 13th. >> reporter: the city wants bieber's record label def jam
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say sorry, but to pay up for the cleanup. >> i don't think that's something the taxpayers should have to pay for. >> reporter: city attorney dennis herrera fired off an angry letter to the singer's representatives. >> we want their full cooperation to know the extent of it. the individuals respond for it so that we can get this taken care of as quickly as possible. >> reporter: his office is documenting the stencils which were spray painted back in november. even the recent rains haven't washed them away. this one has been altered by someone who is a apparently not a believer. but it's no laughing matter for the city which spends $20 million a year eradicating graffiti. supervisor aaron peskin is drafting legislation to increase fines on violators. >> we can only charge the companies the cost of cleaning it up. so for them, it's just the cost of doing business. there has to be some larger disincentives to prevent this kind of lawless behavior.
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can sue but would like to hear back from the bieber's people. we haven't received a comment either. in the san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> interesting, justin's reaction was, what do you mean? sorry. and then asked him, where are you now? oh, hello. >> oh, yeah. >> you're now the new selena gomez. >> we look so much alike, don't we? >> you and jb? >> yes, we've morphed into one. >> exactly. that's the news for this half hour.
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